Andersonville’s Dala Horse Returns to the Neighborhood

129Andersonville’s iconic “Dala horse” has returned to the neighborhood after a yearlong hiatus and a complete restoration, according to the Swedish American Museum.

A Dala horse is a carved and painted wooden horse statuette that has become a symbol of Sweden.

In Andersonville, which has roots as a small Swedish enclave, a Dala horse sat at Clark Street and Farragut Avenue from 2005 until February 2013, when it was taken to a shop that specializes in renovating colorful statues, according to the museum at 5211 N. Clark St.

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The Dala Horse Factories of Nusnäs: Where Sweden’s Most Famous Handicraft is Made

128Few symbols of Sweden are more famous than the painted wooden Dala horses from the province of Dalarna, in the Swedish heartland. People have been carving wooden horses as toys and decorative items for hundreds of years, but it was in the early 1800s that the Dala horse began to take its classic shape, with bright colors and painted flowers. The production of Dala horses was localized to four villages outside Mora, especially the small community of Nusnäs, where they are still produced today. In 1939, the Dala horse gained worldwide recognition after a giant version was placed outside the Swedish pavilion at the World’s Fair in New York. The following year, 20,000 Dala horses were produced for shipment to New York.

The Olsson brothers of Nusnäs began carving horses as a way to help supplement their family’s income. Eldest brother Grannas Anders began producing Dala horses in 1922, aged 26, along with other items that he sold through traveling salesmen. Younger brothers Nils and Jannes would help out by carving horses after school. In 1928, when Nils was 15 and Jannes 13, they started a small factory, taking out a loan in order to buy a saw. The risk paid off, and the descendants of the Olsson brothers are still making Dala horses in Nusnäs nearly a century later.

Visitors to Dalarna can visit the Olsson brothers’ factories and see Dala horses being produced. Grannas A. Olsson and Nils Olsson Hemslöjd are located adjacent to one another in Nusnäs, about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) outside Mora.

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Lindsborg’s Dala horse painter

127An 8-year-old Gladstone, Mo., boy stared bug-eyed at Shirley Malm as she painted Dala horses at Hemslöjd one Saturday afternoon.

Malm was told the boy was so infatuated by the sight that he insisted on spending money given to him by his great-grandmother for Christmas to buy a $20 kit in Kansas City so he could paint the wooden Dala horse given to him.

With the help of his grandfather and uncle, several Dala horses were cut out of wood so the boy was able to fulfill his desire to paint the Swedish ornaments.

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Choosing a Used Horse Trailer

39When buying a horse trailer, the general mistake most people make is that they go for the flashy designs and sleek looks of the trailer. But this is definitely the worst way to shop for this. After all, it is not you that is going to be transported in the horse trailer―it is the horse. That is the reason why the choice of the horse trailer must always be done from the point of view of the horse, and not the person who is buying it.

Why is buying the right kind of horse trailer important? These are the obvious benefits:

The right kind and size will ensure that your horse is comfortable during the journey. It will ensure that the horse does not suffer from shipping sickness. Horses, being animals of the wild, are prone to be uncomfortable in closed spaces, and fever, colic, dehydration, and stress are only few of the sicknesses that the horse can be saddled with (no pun intended).
If you are using the horses for a competition or a show event, then you have to take extra care during the shipping. Horses transported in the wrong kinds of trailers will be quite uncomfortable during the journey, and hence will not be able to perform well.
Then, of course, you have to be careful of your horses on humanitarian (animalitarian) grounds. Horses are fine creatures, and they are very loving to their masters. Just for the sake of keeping these excellent creatures happy, we need to invest in good trailers for them.

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